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Memorials & Dedications


All memorial and dedications come with a personalized plaque. The picture on the left shows an example of what the personalized plaque will look like. You can choose what the plaque says.

"See picture for plaque example"

Each memorial and dedication that is purchased will receive a receipt to be used as a tax write off. 

Memorial & Dedication Items

Commemorative Terms

The guaranteed term is five years for a wood or recycled plastic item and 10 years for a concrete item. At the end of the display time, the commemorative item will be available for renewal based upon the current fee schedule, with the right for first refusal given to the original donor. 


The City of Belleair Beach and the Park & Recreation Board have predetermined locations and quantities of commemorative items that are available for placement within our city. Staff will work with you to select the appropriate location.


Each Memorial and Dedication comes with a personalized plaque. You get to choose what the plaque says. Plaques can have up to 50 characters.

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